Monday, February 22, 2010

Today's Tour--Mason County!

Fog burning off Oyster Bay
Today's ride was to Mason County. Hmmm...I think Gray's Harbor County is the only one left (that I can ride from home and back in one winter day--ie shorter daylight). I went on 3 roads I have not been on (well, 2 I had been on part of the road). I rode to Old Olympic Hwy and did the Bloomfield Rd./Kamilche Pt. loop back to 101. Then on out to Shelton at Wallace/Kneeland Blvd. I wanted to have lunch at Subway, but there isn't one on W/K Blvd. There is everything else, but no Subway! So, I had a lunch buffet at Godfather's Pizza. Actually, it was good. I ate too much, but that's no surprise. After lunch, I rode slowly (due to the side ache from eating too much--that dessert pizza was tasty AND there was butterscotch pudding!)along W/K to Brockdale Rd. Kyle and I had been on Brockdale the first day of our 17 day trip last summer. I had also been on it when I did the Rapsody ride. But, instead of turning off Brockdale to head to Mason Lake, I continued on and looped back to 101 and came out a few miles north of Shelton. From there it was back home for a total of 76 miles. I do believe that is my longest ever winter ride!

The view from Bloomfield Rd.

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