Wednesday, January 19, 2011

You Know It's a Nice Day...

When all the dogs along your route are outside and, of course, barking furiously as you spin by.
What a beautiful January day! The photo was taken from Yelm Hwy by the strawberry fields on the way to Yelm. I was just going to do my usual loop to Yelm and take the Yelm/Tenino and Chehalis Western trails back, but it was so nice I decided to ride through Yelm and take Morris Rd. over to 148th and back into Rainier. Then, get on the trail. 148th (hmmm...I think that is the name...or is it matter) is the road with the beautiful views of Mt. Rainier. And beautiful it was today! I should have taken my camera (instead of just my phone).

I wore my new Pearl Izumi Barrier Lobster Mitts. Hands stayed toasty warm! I do give up some dexterity though. Somewhat impossible to grab my handkerchief out of my back pocket!

The rain is supposed to return tomorrow. At least I had today!

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PaddyAnne said...

That's a wonderful photo! I just bought a pair of crab/lobster gloves too, and love them.