Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jay Jix New to Jay Jix Old

Finally a day of sunshine and upper 60s! I know we have had a nice day here and there, but after a couple of days riding in the rain, those nice days seem far away.

I started my ride with an errand to the Westside of town to collect a check for my now sold Giant Cypress. The friend I had hoped would buy it didn't, but his neighbor did. I guess I have to look at it as still getting another person on a bike--even if it is a stranger. The guy who bought it seemed excited to possibly do some commuting to work as well as some riding on the rail trails with his wife. So, it's all good!

I wished my friend, Mr. Jay Jix a happy birthday and, in honor of his birthday, I planned to ride from his new house (across the street from the guy who bought the Cypress) to his old house out Steamboat Island. I haven't been out that way for quite awhile. It's mostly an out and back ride of 52 miles, but the rewards of seeing the Olympics, Cascades, and Mt. Rainier; as well as the Sound, make it worthwhile. Plus, I like doing the little loop around tiny Steamboat Island where the houses are built up rather than out to maximize the space. Some are fancy and some resemble a fish shack (that may have been their original use). Almost everyone has a view of the water. I'm sure it's a very tight knit community.

It's a one lane bridge to the island. Coming back across the bridge there is a fabulous view of Mt. Rainier. Today would have been a great day to be kayaking in the Sound with the mountain in the background. But, it was also a great day to be biking!

I took the little loop on Island Dr. (curiously, not on the island) which eventually brought me back to Steamboat Island Rd. From there it was back the way I had come. There are some options to turn off Steamboat Island Rd., but they are mostly just an opportunity for punishing hills (trust me, I've been on all of them).

On the way out, I had seen a little girl selling lemonade on the other side of the road. I had just eaten lunch so I didn't stop. I thought I would catch her on the way back. Unfortunately, she wasn't there anymore.

When I got back into town, and knew I had about 10 miles to go, I decided I wasn't quite ready to call it a day (well, in 10 miles). It was just too nice out! So, instead of straight-shotting it home, I headed out toward Boston Harbor. I just went as far as Woodard Bay Rd., then cut over to the Chehalis Western Trail and rode the trail back into town. I bypassed getting off the trail at Yelm Hwy in favor of going on to 67th. I'm so glad I did because I caught up to a couple on Bike Fridays! I told them they were the first Fridays I had seen in Olympia. Turns out they are from Seattle (darn!). They had taken the train down to visit some friends and were headed back to the train station to go home. I rode with them as far as 66th in Horizon Point. They headed off to the station and I headed home.

The two photos are both taken from the Steamboat Island Bridge. One looking west and one looking east.

Total miles for today: 63
Money added to my Adventure Fund: $250!
Meeting two fellow Friday riders: priceless!

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