Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Chickened Out

I figured I would be the only woman on the night ride tonight. I knew Jean wasn't going to be there. Jean and I are the only regular night riding women. What I didn't remember is that the Tuesday night ride usually goes north. North has more hills than south--a lot more hills (okay, that's not too hard as going south really has no hills). I can't keep up with the guys when it comes to hills (I can't keep up with Jean either, but at least I can stay closer).

When Brad arrived at the start and said we would go north, I told them I would probably just ride to the end of the trail, then ride back. They said they would wait for me if I wanted to continue with them, but I don't like making them wait--especially when it's cold and rainy. If they are not going at a pretty decent clip, they get cold (I, on the other hand, have NO problem staying warm).

I stayed up with them to the end of the trail (not too hard as there was a bit of a tailwind and it's slightly downhill). From there I told them I would head back (such a chicken am I). I had no problem heading back on the trail by myself, but Chris said he would come back with me. I told him I didn't need him to do that, but he said he was supposed to do a recovery ride (flats) anyway. Turns out he was hoping we would go south too. Chris is a nice guy and I enjoyed his company on the ride back. We rode back as far as the bridge over Yelm Hwy. Chris went right to head back to the trailhead and his car. I actually continued on the trail and got off at Horizons. I rode through Horizon Point to Yelm Hwy. I was still a few miles shy of 30 miles and I wanted at least a 30 mile ride. I turned left onto Yelm Hwy, rode around to Ruddell. I continued on Ruddell to 54th where I turned and rode back through the neighborhoods and came out of the Lakepoint neighborhood back to Yelm Hwy. This time I continued across the Hwy back into Horizon Point and home from there clicking over 30 miles as I pulled into the driveway.

I feel bad for chickening out and not doing the whole thing, but it was still a good ride.

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