Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good Call Jean!

For tonight's ride I so wanted to ride Tessa! I asked Jean which bike she was going to ride tonight. She was opting for her rain bike. There had been some rain, but it seemed to be drying up. Nonetheless, I followed Jean's plan and rode Star (my, now designated, rain bike). On the way down to the start, I was wishing I had ridden Tessa. The road and the trail were both dry. It was misting just a little, but by the time I got to the start, it wasn't misting anymore. Carter and Roger both pulled up on their race bikes (Carter riding his new Ridley). Everyone else was on their rain bikes.

Brad said we would go South. Jean, Ron, Roger, and Carter were all going to turn around early. The others (fast boys) would go on to Rainier. I had time to go the whole way, but not with just the fast boys--unless I wanted to ride by myself!

The further South we went, the more it was raining or had been raining (I did have my rain jacket, but I had stowed it in my back pocket because it was too warm). The trail was pretty wet. Following Carter or Roger was not so much fun. I tried to stay to one side when I was behind one or the other. I told Jean she made a good call to ride the rain bikes.

The five of us turned around at the second Waldrick crossing. Coming back, Jean was following one of the race bikes when she got a chunk of mud in her eye (even with her glasses on). We stopped and she tried to get it out. We took off again, but she still was having problems. When we got back to the roundabout, Jean was no longer with us. We waited for her to come along. She did eventually get to the roundabout. She was still having problems with her eye. Ron stayed with her as they rode back.

I peeled off at the bridge as usual. It was still raining. Because I never put my rain jacket on, I was wet, but I wasn't cold. Ride was 33.4 miles at 16.9mph. Not bad for the ol' rain bike!

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