Saturday, October 5, 2013

I'm So Jealous!

Day before yesterday, I got a call from a couple who found me through Warmshowers. They needed a place to stay. They are from Minneapolis, and are riding a tandem from Seattle to Mexico City. I said sure, and waited for them to arrive the next day. They made it, and I'm so glad. What a great couple! 

Paul has just finished grad school, and Alexa just graduated from Med school. Before they get too tied down (and before Alexa starts her internship), they are taking a few months to do this tour. This is their first foray into long-distance touring. They are doing great, figuring things out, learning as they go along. They are asking questions when they're not sure (and, no, Alexa, being sure about your route is not being anal) and are willing to change their plans when necessary.

After a good night's sleep, they loaded everything back on their tandem. I told them I would ride with them out of town. They wanted to stop at the Olympia Food Co-op on the way out of town. I was happy with that, because I wanted to see if they had unsweetened coconut (Yay! They did!). We rode through downtown, and up to the Westside Co-op. Paul and Alexa got a little taste of some hill climbing to get up to the Westside. They managed just fine (no small feat on a heavily loaded tandem).

After the Co-op, we worked our way up Old Hwy 410 to Hwy 8. I had planned to turn around at that point as they would have no problem finding their way from there. But, it was such a beautiful day that I continued on until the Summit Lake turnoff. From there I left them to it, and turned back. They were planning to go as far as Lake Sylvia in Montesano. I'm sure they made it (even though there is a nasty climb to get up to the park).

Although they are new to this whole touring thing, I know they are going to have a fantastic adventure. I'm totally jealous, and wish I was going with them!
Good luck Alexa and Paul!

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