Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gran Fondo Redo

Like I said in my previous post, I had another chance to complete the Gran Fondo today.

I started out with the Team (Jean and I being the only gals). Jean had afternoon plans, so she would turn back at Tenino. I stayed with the guys until the bottom of Tono Rd. Tono is a long climb, and I knew they would get to the top long before me. I was fine with letting them go. I had a long way to go on legs that were a wee bit tired from yesterday. I didn't want to use up all my matches on the first long climb.

It was frosty in the shade, so I was cautious coming down the other side of Tono. All went well, and I was soon back into the sun on Big Hanaford Rd. The team was going over Halliday, another lengthy climb. I opted to go on Tzietzel instead. It is a little longer, but no climbing involved. I was much more interested in the miles than the climbing.

I rolled into, and promptly out of Centralia via Reynolds Rd. I stopped briefly in Galvin to pull out a snack that I ate while continuing down Lincoln Creek Rd. The next climb was Michigan Hill. I was dreading it, but then I realized, I have raced up Michigan! Today, I can just spin up it! And, it wasn't that bad! 

At the top of Michigan I glanced to my right (I was going to the left) and got a eye-full of Mt. Rainier. I had to take a photo.
As an aside, the road in this photo is Prather. This is the hill I didn't think existed yesterday. As you can see, there is clearly a hill, and that is only a small part of it!

I came down the other side of Michigan, through Rochester, up Littlerock Rd to Littlerock, and over to Delphi. My original plan was to follow Delphi to Harrison, then back into downtown. But, as I came up to 62nd, I realized I could head home via Black Lake and Sapp (the same as yesterday), and still complete the Gran Fondo. Since I was more than ready to be home, I opted for the shorter route.

I pulled into my driveway. Before I got too comfortable, I double-checked the Strava App. According to the app, I had gone 83.6 miles, or 135km. Whew! I did it! 130km in one ride! I think I will take a rest day tomorrow!

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