Friday, October 24, 2014

Cross Training, Mountain Biking, Followed by More Cross Training!

Day 2 at Bill and Melody's began with another great walk (Cross training session 1) with the pups. This time Bill came along as our bike ride was going to be leaving from the yurt (no driving). We went back up the hill behind the yurt, but continued farther. Here's some photos.

Mariko waiting patiently for a treat.
Mikayla and Mariko
The yurt far off in the distance.
New plants springing up after the fire.
Oh look, it's me (photo courtesy of Melody)!

Bill and Mariko

Once back to the yurt, we suited up to ride. Today we rode from the yurt. Going out the door for the ride makes it less likely I would forget something.

It was still pretty chilly, but there was no rain in the forecast. I wore my rain jacket for warmth, until we started climbing. Then, the jacket was stowed for the remainder of the ride. We did lots of climbing on a mostly dirt road that was pretty smooth.
Heading up, up, and away!
Trees and hillside burned in the fire.

At the top, it was an awesome descent. Mama Cass flew down the road! At the bottom we hopped onto some singletrack that was really great. Here's a couple of shots of Melody and Bill coming down the road.

There were two short bits on the singletrack that I had to walk, but it was just for a few yards. Oh, and we had to step over a burnt tree that had fallen over the trail. Bill told me to get a good run at it. Yeah, right!

We returned to a road. Before long, we were looking at another great descent and beautiful views of the mountains.

I made it up to 31 mph! It was awesome!!! We did some more descending on the pavement right into Winthrop. We rode over to the bike shop (so Bill could look at the possibility of getting some shorts--unfortunately for him, none in his size). I got the Revelate Gas Tank. It goes on the top tube just behind the stem. I was able to put a couple of bars in it, and my camera. It will hold more.

After the bike shop, we went to the Rocking Horse Bakery. Yum yum!
Soy hot chocolate and a carrot cakelette!

Back on the road, we headed up and up (and up some more--Mama Cass just cranking along in super granny) Bear Creek to Campbell Lake. The ride along Campbell Lake was mostly gentle downhill (it seemed like I was going really fast, but that was just because I had been going so slow to get there). Then we got on the Pipestone Canyon doubletrack. It was so much fun (I even got the Strava QOM for Pipestone!)!!! 
Pipestone Canyon
Melody coming out of the canyon.

We continued riding the doubletrack until we came out to the dirt road. Along the way there was a spot where we could see the yurt (and the road we had to go up to get back to it!).
The orange colored spot left of center is where the yurt is. The orange color is from where the fire retardant was dropped to help save their place in the big Carlton Complex Fire last summer that was started by lightening--curiously, we rode through where the fire started. You can also see the road up to Bill and Melody's place. Yes, it's a steep one, but I managed to ride up the whole way (even though I kept telling myself I would walk).

When we got back, it was time for Cross Training session 2. While Melody took Mariko for a long walk, Bill and I headed down the driveway to do some ditch digging. Because of the fire, all the vegetation was burned. We needed to dig in places so the water runoff won't wash out the road. I lasted about an hour before I could no longer swing the pick. It was a good cross training session. I'll probably repeat it tomorrow as there is still a lot to do.

All in all it was a great day of mountain biking. I am really really liking this!!!

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