Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Colt Has Been Added to the Stable!

Yes, it's true, a colt has joined the stable of fillies. Up to now, all my bikes have been female. It's just the way it is. They tell me their names...I don't plan it. In fact, oftentimes, I'll have a name in mind, but when I actually get the bike, it ends up being something different. But, still, they've all ended up being girls, okay, women. Then, along comes this new rain/winter bike. It's a 2014 Norco Valence C3. Derik, at Joyride, said "Valerie". Good option since it's a Valence, but it doesn't look like a "Valerie", or even a "Val". Nope, that's not it. It's black with blue accents and the labels are silver/grey. I thought, maybe "Bruce" because it kind of reminds me of "The Dark Knight". Better, but still not quite right. 

I find out it's ready for me to pick it up (getting fenders, different saddle, pedals, and my Thompson stem and carbon bar from Star put on). I get to the shop. I look at it all finished, and I think, "Knight Rider". You know, the TV series from the 80s. And, what was the car's name? KITT (the voice was William Daniels). So, KITT it is! Perhaps he's not an "artificially intelligent super car", but he is a good looking super bike!

So, now there's a colt in the stables. There's another one coming at the end of March. At least, I think it will be a he. Then again, I won't really know until I see him...he could be a she!

By the way, Star, the bike KITT has replaced, will be gussied up and in search of a new owner.

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