Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Horse Leaves the Stable

One of my fillies has moved on to a different pasture. With the addition of KITT, it was time for Star to find a new home. I dressed her up with new derailleurs, new brake calipers, new bottom bracket, new cable, new chain, and new bar tape. Why with all this new stuff would I want to get rid of her? Well, as fabulous as she was for my style of riding when I purchased her, she no longer fit the bill for the rider I am today. 

As sad as it is to let a family member go, I am happy because she went to the perfect person. My friends' daughter is doing the STP this year. As it so happens, her name is Belana. It also so happens that Belana was named after the Star Trek character of that name. Annnnndddd...Star is named Star, because she is a Trek! Get it?...Star Trek?...Belana? Isn't that perfect? I think that is definitely some good Karma for Star and Belana!

I'm confident there will be many more happy miles in Star's future. And, if I miss her, I can always go visit. I know where she lives.
I didn't think to get a photo of Star and Belana, but here's an artistic model.

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