Sunday, May 3, 2015

Bringing Home a Hitchhiker

I had an okay night's sleep in my tent. My right side felt bruised, so wasn't very comfortable sleeping on that side. I figured it was from pushing MC up the steep hill. I got up this morning and commenced with fixing breakfast. My usual routine in the morning when touring is to pack everything up, then fix breakfast. I can see that I will have to slightly alter that routine. My cookset goes in the trailer bag, so I can't pack that up until I've finished with it. At least I can still pack up my sleeping bag, pad, tent, and all that sort of stuff. Last night, I unhooked the trailer. I think, when possible, I will leave JP attached to MC, and just take the bag out. That would save a step in the morning. I also need to come up with a better organization of the bag for more efficient packing. But, overall, it's okay.

I got on the road at about 8:40, after stopping at the restrooms. I didn't see Jack or Nancy to tell them goodbye, but I had thanked them again before I went to bed last night. The sun was shining, but it was still a little nippy. 

I followed Bald Hill Rd to Longmire. I knew Longmire would take me to Neat Rd. which would then take me to Lawrence Lake Rd. Along the way I saw quite a few sheep. This mama and two babies looked quite cute.

I also had a pretty good opportunity for a shadow picture!
I think I'd have to use the panorama feature to get the whole rig in the photo!

I followed Lawrence Lake to 153rd, then worked my way into Rainier. I was hoping to have a snack break at Main Street Cookie Co., but they were sold out and closed. It was only 10:00, but that might have been from yesterday because I'm not sure they're open on Sundays anyway. So, no cookies. I just had some fruit and nut trail mix--not nearly as good as a frosted Snickerdoodle, but better than nothing.

I hopped on the trail in Rainier. Due to the lovely weather and it being Sunday, there were lots of people out on the trail. One couple passed me and the guy said, "You don't get to cheat at all on that!" No, no I do not.

I saw Debbie and her STP training group going the other way. They didn't stop. Later, I saw Jean also going the other way. We stopped and chatted for a moment.

I got home, and almost immediately jumped in the shower. When I got out, I tried to see if the pain in my side was really a bruise. There was, what looked like a scab and a red circle. I couldn't remember getting poked by anything. I got dressed and went to my son and asked him if he could see if it was a scab. He said, "No, that's a bug, and it's moving!" Oh, great...a tick. I told my son he would have to remove it as I couldn't reach it. He freaked out a little, but did his best to get ahold of the little hitchhiker and pull him out. Unfortunately, it didn't want to leave the delicious blood smorgasbord I was providing. My son said, "Uh oh, it broke." He couldn't grasp anymore of it with the tweezers, and there was clearly more left. 

When I called the Consulting Nurse at Group Health, she was a little flustered. I said, "What? You don't get tick problems on a regulat basis?" She told me to go into Urgent Care. So I did, and the remains of the little hitchhiker were cut out. One dose of Doxycycline to prevent Lyme Disease, and I was good to go. I have one little suture that can be removed in 7-10 days. 

In oh so many ways this was a rather eventful shakedown. I'm hoping I've experienced all the dead ends and ticks I'm going to. Although, I kind of doubt it...


Trevor Woodford said...

There are some small implements on the market that are designed to remove a tick in one piece....

It is difficult with tweezers to remove them with out leaving the head still in your flesh...
Could well be worth checking them out.

Still enjoying your blog immensely...

Colleen said...

Yes, the doctor told about such a tool. I plan to get one before I start my off-road tour this summer.

I'm glad you are still enjoying my blog.