Monday, April 3, 2017

As Tim's World Says, "It's All Uuuuuuppppphhhhiiiillll!!!"

Today, while Gail and Karen drove out to Deadhorse State Park to run, Cindy and I rode our bikes out there. Suffice it to say, it was ALL UPHILL!!! Seriously, it was! Here's some photos that don't really prove it, but are nice to look at just the same.
From the bike trail.
Monitor and Merrimac Bluff
Cindy continuing the climb
At the park
Navajo Trails area on the way back
Navajo Trail beauties
The road we rode up
More rock prettiness
Once we reached the park, the ranger let us ride in as we were just riding to the car. Although the ride back would have been pretty much ALL DOWNHILLLLLLL, we still opted to put the bikes on the car. For one thing, it was cold, and we would be freezing by the time we got to the bottom. For another thing, we were tired...just plain tired because...IT WAS ALL UPPPPPPHIIIIIILLLLL!!!!
The End
Sorry there's not many words, but Karen is making us all play Spoons...gotta go now!

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