Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Boats and Bikes

Well, I can now say I have cycled in France! We rented bikes and rode along Lake Annecy. There is a fabulous bike path the runs the length of the lake. We didn't go all the way to the other end (the lake is rather large), but we had a nice ride. Prior to getting on the bikes, we rented a pedal boat on the lake. We bought a lunch of sandwiches that we ate on the boat. The water is very shallow for a long way out, but then it becomes very deep. We ate and then swam for awhile. There are tons of boats out on the lake of all kinds. It sometimes makes for a challenging experiance staying out of the way of the motor boats and the big cruise boats that go up and down the lake.

Yesterday we went to a small village called Yvoire. It is a medieval time village (complete with a castle) that is still lived in today. It was really pretty with lots of beautiful flowers. I bought a few souveniers at a couple of the shops.

Only one more week in this beautiful place. Time has gone far too quickly here! I will miss everything, but most especially Mary-Clare and Max. I am so lucky to have had this time here!

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