Friday, August 7, 2009


Okay, so even though this blog is about my bike touring, I am going to blog my France trip. Afterall, it is a "tour"--just not a bike tour. I arrived yesterday in Geneva, Switzerland. Mary-Clare and Max picked me up at the airport. We drove to Menthon St. Bernard. It is on Lake Annecy and is very beautiful. The house is very nice as is my room (I even have my own bathroom!). We went to Annecy yesterday to get train tickets for Paris (next Tuesday). Then we walked around in the old town. It is everything one could imagine about a french town. Old buildings, narrow streets, shops (many selling ice cream) and flowers. Oh yeah, lots of people! We got some ice cream (see? just like a bike tour!). I got three flavors. One was a salted caramel (may not sound good, but it was), coconut and white chocolate. It was very tasty!
I managed to stay awake until 9:45. Then I crashed and slept until 5:00AM. Today we went to the market. It is strange to go into a store where you can't understand anything. I am learning though! I may not learn to speak french, but I will recognize the foods!

Enjoy these pictures of Annecy.

In the old town part of Annecy

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