Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Three County Ride in Reverse (Sort of)

Did not expect to wake up to sunshine this morning! Quickly decided a ride was in order. Headed out to do the previous Three County Ride that I did in February (or was it January?)except going the opposite direction. Although the sun was shining, the wind was also blowing, supposedly from the SW. It made for a pretty strong headwind at times. I just told myself it would be a tailwind on the way back. When I did the ride before, I did not take Summit Lake Rd. This time I did. It is a nice diversion from Hwy 8 and all the traffic. There can be some nasty traffic on Summit Lake Rd., but not on a Wed. in March. Got back onto 8 at the other end of Summit Lake Rd. Did Mox-Chehalis Rd. like before. Also a nice diversion from Hwy. 8. Rolled into McCleary in time for lunch at Subway, of course. After lunch, I headed out of town on Hwy 108. I was hoping to get to Hurley Waldrip Rd. with a minimum of log trucks passing me as there is limited shoulder on a good chunk of 108. Only saw 1 log truck, and it was going the other direction! Yea! Last time I came from Kamilche Point Rd. This time I turned onto Hurley Waldrip. So, instead of Oyster Bay and Kamilche (Old Pacific Hwy), I did Summit Lake and Hurley Waldrip Rds. Also, I came through downtown instead of Tumwater Hill. Nothing spectacular on today's ride, but a good one nonetheless. Total miles: 60.5

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