Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wind Wind Wind (and I have no idea where I am)!

For today's ride I thought I would go to Eatonville. I've only done that ride once roundtrip and once from Eatonville to home (the last day of Kyle's and my 17 day trip). It's a nice ride and has, when not too cloudy, great views of Mt. Rainier. As I was riding, I noticed there was abit of a headwind. I thought, "No problem! I'll have a tailwind on the way back!" So, I continued and got to Eatonville about 12:30.
I had lunch at Subway (told the gal there I have eaten there 3 times, but never driven there). While I was eating I thought about the ride back and how it would be nice to go a different way. When I crossed Hwy 7, I saw the sign to Pioneer Farm pointing to the left. On Hwy 161 there is also a sign to Pioneer Farm on Ohop Valley Rd. Hmmmmm...wouldn't that mean that I could turn on Ohop Valley and end up on Hwy 7? I decided to give that a shot. When I came out of Subway, I was immediatly suspicious that the wind had changed direction (and increased in force). Oh yeah! When I turned onto Ohop Valley, the wind blasted me in the face! At least I was going downhill. I rode past Pioneer Farm (remembered the fieldtrip I taken there with Mr. Brainerd's class)and came to a stop sign. Did it say what road this was? No. I figured I needed to turn right so I did. The road immediately looped back toward the direction I had just come AND started climbing. I just kept going, hoping I was on Hwy 7. After I came up out of the valley I started seeing mailboxes. Here's a piece of advice: If you don't know what road you are on, look at the mailboxes. Sometimes they will have the street name on them. That's what I did. Did they say Hwy 7? No. They said Mt. Hwy. What the heck is Mt. Hwy??? Oh how I wished I had my Pierce Co. map with me! Well, too late to turn back now! I knew (okay, hoped) I was headed in the right direction. At one point the road curved and there was a sign that said "Olympia--Tacoma" and pointed to stay on the road I was on. That made me feel better. At least at some point I would get back to Olympia.
After a few more uphills and downhills with the wind blowing first from the side then the front (oh, and it was raining too), I could see a flashing light up ahead. Then I saw a sign the said "Hwy 702 Jct". Hallaluia!!! I was right where I wanted to be! Whew! The rest of the ride was just "Head down and pedal". Fortunately, there is more downhill than up going back. I stopped at DQ for a cone then finished the last 13 miles in the wind, but no rain. Total miles today: 69

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