Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Momentous Day!

This may be an unusual blog post, but I just had to!
One of the people I would love to tour with is my friend Leandra. We do a lot of day rides together. She is always game for any route I cook up. We have also done STP and Courage Classic. She works a full time job (J-O-B The three-letter four-letter word) and doesn't always have time to train yet, she will still go out and ride 60+ miles with me.
Anyway, today, we set out north on the trail in the rain. Leandra rides a Felt roadbike that doesn't have fenders. Needless to say, I don't ride behind her. We rode to Woodard Bay, then came back to downtown and stopped at Old Town Bicycles. They were having a sale on their floor stock bikes. Old Town doesn't typically have sales. Leandra wanted to get new tires for Maggie (her Felt). They had a couple of Cannondale t2 touring bikes in stock. They had a green one. Patrick fit Leandra on the green one. And...(drumroll please)...she bought it!!! Leandra bought a touring bike!!! Now we can tour together! I'm so excited! I know she won't be able to do super long trips, but definitely we will do some shorter tours. AND...she got fenders!

Never a bad day to ride!

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Levonne said...

I feel the excitement you have about a new cycling friend.