Saturday, April 9, 2011

The 3 Cannondiablas Go For a Ride

What is a "Cannondiabla"? Well, it is a firey woman who rides a Cannondale!

Today, there were three of us, Leandra, Julie and myself. All riding Cannondale t2 bikes. Julie had a time limit, so we did a north and south ride. That is to say, we rode north to Woodard Bay on the trail and took the road back to town. Julie departed off back to her house and Leandra and I continued south on Henderson to Hwy 99. Then to Tenino and the trail back to the starting point of the bridge at Yelm Hwy. Although it was overcast we had a few peeks of sunshine and not a drop of rain. After awhile, I was warm enough in a vest and my wool armwarmers. We saw tons of people on the trail. I'm sure many of the people on fast road bikes were wishing the weather was like yesterday, lots of sun and balmy temps. Still it was a decent day.

Total miles: 56.4
Calorie burn: 2300

Never a bad day to ride!

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