Saturday, April 30, 2011

French Boy Rides Far!

One might think, so what? After all, the Tour de France is a French race, with French riders, that is pretty long. But, William is not, technically, a cyclist. He is a 16 year old boy who sometimes rides his bike in the summer. Today I took him on a 41 mile ride. He was outfitted in bike tights (Connor's), a jersey and a bike jacket. We rode the trail to Johnson Creek Rd. From there we did the Johnson Creek/Skookumchuck/Crowder road loop into Tenino and Hwy 99 back. We stopped for lunch in Tenino (Subway, of course). It was a good ride. Julie was with us too.

I told William since he has ridden the Fuji the most, he gets the honor of naming it. So, it's name is "Torrent-ciel". Which, I'm told, means something close to "fast blue".

Total miles: 41
Total kilometers: 69.8
Total calories burned: 1,600

Never a bad day to ride!

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