Friday, August 12, 2011

Super Biker Woman Reaches The Atlantic Ocean!

This morning we were up at the pre-crack of dawn. Yes, dawn was just a figment of our imaginations. It was still the middle of the night. But, we were on a mission to take the first train to Paris. That mission was accomplished. In Paris we had to change train stations to take another train to La Baule. We navigated the huge and sometimes complex Metro system to get to the other station. We had plenty of time to spare. Our train to La Baule (with a number of stops along the way) was full. As soon as the track was posted, it was a mad dash to get to the carriage so we would have room for our luggage. My friend was in the lead. Her son and I were following her with the suitcases as best we could. A hole in the throng of people would open up and my friend would dash through it. However, most of the time it closed up before her son and I could get there. We managed to get to the right carriage with luggage space still available. Whew!

We arrived in La Baule a bit after 3:15. My friend had reserved a car. We put our luggage in and headed for the hotel. We found the hotel without too many additional turns. It is one short block off the beach. It's the Best Western Britanny Hotel. I have a very nice room with a very French feel to it. I can see the ocean from my window.

We went for a exploratory walk along the beach. I went down into the sand to the water's edge to dip my feet in the Atlantic. This is my first time to see the Atlantic Ocean! We were looking for a place to have a little snacky and found a place with Belgian Waffles. They were buy one, get one free. I had coconut ice cream on mine. It was delicious!

My friend went off in search of a guide book and her son and I went back to the beach. My friend was not successful in finding a bookstore, but she did pick up some info at the tourism office.

We had a good dinner then returned to our hotel. We are all just a wee bit tired from our 4:00am wake up. I'm sure tomorrow's agenda will bring more fun in La Baule!

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