Monday, August 8, 2011

Talloires and Another Glass of Pschitt

Yesterday was Sunday. I went for a run/walk in the late morning (after it stopped raining). You know, I really hate to run. I think it's boring. I can go so much farther and see much more on a bike. However, this was okay. Perhaps because I was running in a new place, along a beautiful lake in...FRANCE! So, I guess running is long as I am running in France.

Later on Mary-Clare made her delicious souffle. I think I ate more than my share. It's so good!

After an afternoon spent in a somewhat vegetative state (from so much souffle), Mary-Clare and I drove to Talloires. It is a small village up the lake from Menthon-St-Bernard. It's on the lake, but many of the houses are on the hillside. It is downhill from the main road into Talloires. Most of the people are only there for the summer. Talloires is very picturesque with the lake and the very old (think 17th century) buildings.

We went for an aperitif at the Abbey (hotel and restaurant--formerly, and no surprise here, an abbey). I had a glass of lemonade (with the interesting brand name of Pschitt--this is not the first glass of Pschitt I've had. Max and I have been having a lot of fun with that one!). It was very nice to sit along the lake (and drink Pschitt--okay, enough already).

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