Sunday, January 1, 2012

1st Ride in the Year of the Apocalypse

...only 358 more days until the world ends. Better get some bike riding done!

As can be seen by the photo, today's pre-apocalyptic ride took us up Waddell Creek Rd to Capitol Forest. The weather turned out to be quite nice. I told Shawn he was the bearer of good weather since every ride I've done with him has been nice (or at least no rain).

The mystery of the day was a certain someone's mood. Ride started out well, but then as we rode South, this person's mood also went south. The other person and I kept asking how they were doing with the answer always being "fine". Yet this person kept riding slower and slower. Then with about 6 miles to go, took off like a barn-sour horse. Go figure?

Total miles for Day 1 in the Year of the Apocalypse: 37
Days until Leandra and I leave for New Zealand: 47


лук said...

so long as it's new zealand first, apocalypse second, i'm sure you'll be fine. hope you're doing well, look forward to next time we cross paths

Colleen said...

Thanks, Luke! Yes, it better be New Zealand first! I'm WAY too excited!