Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Checking off the to-do list

I was having problems with my iPad. It didn't want to connect to the wifi. I took it up to The Mac Store at the mall. It worked just fine there (of course). But, while I was there, I asked if they could update my iPad to iOS 5 (my laptop is apparently too old and decrepit to manage the task). They updated it so now when I'm in New Zealand, I will have more space due to iCloud. Of course, I've learned some things from last year regarding space on my iPad. Mainly, don't download the videos. They take up alot of space.

Because it was such a beautiful day, I opted to ride through town to come home (somewhat longer than going down Tumwater Hill). I stopped and took these photos from the top of 4th Ave. and down by the lake. Even had my sunglasses on!

Miles: ~20
Days until New Zealand: 36

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