Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'll Call it...Progress

Yep, still got dropped, BUT...we made it two miles further than last time!

There were only 5 guys and Debbie and I. We were just doing a short loop of 20 miles due to decreasing daylight (of course, for me that means a total of 33 miles).

At first I thought it would be easier to stay with the guys because we were going on Littlerock Rd. which is pretty flat. Well, I suppose it was better than the hills, but flat just means they go faster! At one point I looked at my bike computer and noticed we were going 25 miles per hour on the flat!

As we got close to 110th where we would turn, the boys started pulling ahead. Debbie said, "Looks like we're getting dropped." I stood up out of the saddle and passed Debbie telling her, "Come on! Let's catch them!" Yeah, that didn't work. Well, we made it two miles further than last time before getting dropped.

The thing about trying to keep up with the fast guys (the gals too) is that you use everything you have which is, of course, how you get stronger. But, by the time you get dropped, you have used up everything you had. Oh, we still cruised along pretty good, just not anywhere near 25 miles an hour!

There was a possibility the guys were going to do an extra 4 miles out and back. Since we never saw them again, we don't know if they did the extra 4 miles. When we got back to the park, none of the guys were there. We decided to tell ourselves that we beat them back (probably not).

Anyway, it was a good ride, as fast as we could go. Each time we get faster. In all likelihood, we will never be able to stay with the guys the whole way. But, we'll keep trying and I call tonight's ride progress in that direction!


Trevor said...

Faster and Faster....Great effort. You are improving all the time....


Marsha said...

It's all about the chase! Have fun getting better. From what I've read you've got the endurance to run with the fast crowd...