Sunday, October 14, 2012

Part of the 20%

Awhile back I read someplace that going carfree 80% of the time is not too difficult. It's that last 20% that is harder. It takes more thought and definitely more...gumption. This afternoon would, perhaps, qualify as part of that 20%.

As I walked in the house from another great ride with the women from the racing team (where I might add we managed to dodge the rain...mostly),I got a text from Lorraine asking if I wanted to meet her at Lacey Cinemas for a movie. Well, of course I did! As I was sitting there in all my sweatiness, hungry, and just a tad on the tired side after two back-to-back days of 40+ mile rides, I texted Lorraine back, "Sure! Just need to shower and eat. What time?" The movie was "Argo", and there was a showing at 2:40 and one at 3:40. I told Lorraine I probably couldn't make the 2:40, so we settled on 3:40.

I took my shower and dressed in another set of biking clothes (no, not lycra). It was only 1:20 at that point, so I called Lorraine and said I could make the 2:40 show. I ate and headed out to the garage. As I was getting ready to go, I noticed it had started raining. I thought to myself as I longingly looked at my van sitting in the driveway, driving would be sooooo much easier--not to mention DRIER! But, I pulled on my rain pants and rain jacket. I put my helmet on with the rain cover. It was still wet from the earlier sweatifying ride. Off I went to ride the 6 miles to the movie theater.

At the theater there are no bike racks. The best place I could find to lock up Stella was a light post. I covered her seat with a plastic bag and left the poor girl in the rain (sorry Stella).

In the lobby I stripped out of the wet rain gear and we went in to see the movie. By the way, it was a good movie. I give it a thumbs up!

After the movie I rode home in the rain. As I took off my wet gear and pulled the insoles out of my wet shoes, I thought, yes, this was part of that 20% that is just a bit more difficult. But, I did it, survived, and probably burned a few more calories too!

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