Thursday, May 2, 2013

I Feel Like a Claustrophobic T-Rex

I'm headed home. The flight I'm on is full. The guy sitting next to me keeps leaning toward me, taking up the entire arm rest, and then some. I feel like I'm practically sitting on the arm rest next to the window! He is a bigger guy. I have told him a few times to please move away a bit. He does for awhile, then he's baaaaacccckkk! It's driving me crazy! In order for me to do anything, I have to pretend I am a dinosaur with very short arms--aka T-Rex. Also, he does these loud heavy sigh/yawns. Seriously, dude, must you?

The guy next to Space Hog is drunk. At least he is sleeping. Earlier he tried to buy me a drink ( thanks).

One and a half more hours...I'd rather be riding...

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