Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Touring Toad Suck and Tucker Creek Trail

Just down the road is Toad Suck, Arkansas. Yes, that's right, Toad Suck. There is a nice campground called Toad Suck Park. It's right on the Arkansas River.

Before the bridge was built across the river, there was a ferry that ran back and forth. Apparently, the origin of Toad Suck has to do with when the river was either too high or too low for the ferry to run. While the guys would be waiting for the ferry to go, they would be drinking in the bar. They would drink so much they would puff up like toads (?). I'm not sure where the suck part comes in. I know it's not a very good explanation...

After checking out all things Toad Suck, I headed over to the Walmart where Gary told me the Tucker Creek Trail started. Sure enough, behind the Tire Center was the beginning of the Tucker Creek Trail, a very nice paved bike path. It, obviously, runs along Tucker Creek. It isn't that long yet, but it will eventually run from one end of Conway to the other.

At the current end of the trail, I came out to the road. I pulled out my phone to see where I was. Then, knowing enough by now of Conway, I decided to go back on Prince St. to the bridge and back to the house. It was a short ride of about 12 miles, but that's just fine.

Betsy is all packed up. We went to Walmart to find a duffle bag for the other stuff, but couldn't find one big enough. At Target I had the same problem, so I switched to plan B. I bought a big suitcase. I have a big duffle at home. We need a bigger suitcase (Dillon has the one big suitcase).

I'm headed home tomorrow afternoon.

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