Friday, April 19, 2013

Cannons and Coca-Cola

Well, we did have thunder and lightening afterall last night--our 4th thunderstorm. Things were mostly dry by morning.

We were headed down the road, fortunately not too far, when Christian remembered he had left his clothesline. We went back of course. Not only had he left the clothesline, but he left the things he had hanging on it too! Good thing he remembered!

We thought we had about 10 miles to Vicksburg. It was more like almost 26! We pulled into the Vicksburg Military Park at about 10:30. First we went to the Visitor Center and watched a 20 minute movie about the Battle of Vicksburg. We didn't really have time to do the entire 16 mile driving tour, so we did a short loop. We saw plenty of cannons, monuments, and the interview site between Grant and Pemberton.

After the Military Park, we stopped at Subway for lunch. This was one of those gas station Subways, but it was fine.

Next up was a stop at the Coca-Cola Museum. Vicksburg is home to the first bottling of Coke. I got a commemorative bottle to add to my bottle collection. The museum was small, but interesting. Coke was originally bottled with a rubber stopper, but they found the rubber gave an odor to the Coke after about 10 days from being bottled.

Now we are in a coffee shop next to the museum so Christian can have his coffee and we can take advantage of the free wifi.

We have about 30 miles to go to Chotard Landing. It is only in the mid-50s today, but sunny. I told Christian it should be all downhill from here as Vicksburg is the highest point between Memphis and the Gulf of Mexico. Somehow, I doubt he believes me...

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