Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Long Straight Highway

Rain, rain, go away! And take the thunder and lightening with you too!

All night with the thunderstorm! Woke up to rain and the continued thunderstorm. Layed around in our tents until about 9:00, waiting for the rain to stop. I just ate a banana and a Clif Bar for breakfast. Christian had a Snickers. Giving up on it ever stopping, we packed our gear, and headed out in the rain. Everything was a soggy mess.

If only we had waited a bit longer! As we made our way down the first of the long straight roads, we could see blue sky behind us. It stopped raining, and by the time we got to Kountze, the sun was out. It was still cold though, but we didn't care. We stopped at Subway for lunch, and afterward, shed most of our raingear.

Next town was Silsbee. We had planned to stay there, but it was so early and my itinerary said we were supposed to go to Kirbyville. So, we pedaled on.

We spent the next 29 miles going absolutely straight on Highway 96. The speed limit is 75, so the traffic noise was pretty loud. The only good thing was it was mostly flat, so our speed was higher.

We stopped for a break in Buna where I pulled out my sopping wet rainfly and footprint and layed them out to dry for awhile.

Now we are in Kirbyville. There are no official campgrounds so we stopped at City Hall and asked if we could camp in the City Park. They said yes, so we are headed there now.

No photos for today as there was nothing special to take a photo of anyway.

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