Sunday, April 28, 2013

Little Rock and the BIG Dam Bridge

Ahhh...the luxury of sleeping in a regular bed! I'm used to sleeping 2 1/2 inches off the ground. The bed I'm sleeping in is quite high off the ground (I mean, the floor). I thought I might get altitude sickness! No, just kidding, it is really very comfortable.

Today Kim took me into Little Rock to have a look around. First we went to Central High School. For those who don't remember their Civil Rights history, Central High was the school where, in the late 50s, the "Little Rock Nine" were the first black students to enroll, and the beginning of the end of segregation in the schools. The school is still a functioning Highschool. Kitty-corner from the school is a Central High Visitors Center run by the National Park Service. The exhibits detail the fight for desegregation and all the political upheaval between the Arkansas Governor who fought against desegregation and President Eisenhower who finally sent the 101st Airborne in to control the situation. It was very interesting. The school is, architecturally, a beautiful building.

After the high school, we swung by the State Capitol Building. It is a dome Capitol building just like Olympia's. everything was pretty quiet since it was Sunday.

From the Capitol, we drove through the River Market section of town (where they are working to revitalize the area with a friendly atmosphere and even a trolley) to the Clinton Library. The library wasn't open, so we didn't go inside. But, it is a cool building. Near the library is an old railroad bridge that has been turned into a pedestrian/biking bridge. It is, of course, called the Clinton Bridge (it used to be called the Rock Island Bridge). We walked to the center of the bridge and back.

By then it was coming up on lunch time. First we were going to go to a Subway, but instead we went to a Whole Hog BBQ place. It was good! Afterward we went to the Subway for cookies (check a Little Rock Subway off the list).

Then it was on to the Big Dam Bridge. Seriously, that is the name of the bridge! It is an apt name since there is a dam, and it is the longest pedestrian bridge in the world. From the bridge I could see pelicans--big, white pelicans.

When we left the Big Dam Bridge, we headed over to Brittany and Drew's house. They were home so we visited, but only for a brief moment. Then Kim's mom, Betty, called. We had stopped by her house earlier, but she wasn't home. Now she was home, so we stopped by her house too. Had a great visit, then headed back home.

We had a good dinner (pizza) and we planned a ride for me tomorrow to Petit Jean Mountain. Gonna go climb me a hill!

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