Monday, April 22, 2013

Crop Dusting is Alive and Well

We left our lovely campsite in the gazebo this morning, and made a stop in Rosedale at the nearest gas station to use the restroom.

From there it was miles and miles of not much. We saw two crop-dusting planes working both sides of the road we were on. That was the great excitement for the morning.

We made it to Friars Point. Christian wanted a "real" lunch--like at a gas station. I told him I did not want gas station food, and that it's not a "real" lunch anyway. We ate in a park instead. I had a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich and an apple--a real lunch.

Back on the road, we were supposed to turn onto Moon Lake Road. Instead we stayed on SH 1 to Hwy 49. I saw another crop-dusting plane working the fields. It was a good thing we didn't do Moon Lake because we cut out about 4 miles on 49. There was no shoulder and lots of semi-trucks. 49 took us over the Mississippi River into Arkansas. Depending on the route we take tomorrow, we may or may not be in Arkansas for very long. We are currently at the library in Helena, AR

We have about 5 more miles to go to Storm Creek Campground for tonight. I did take some photos today, but nothing worth posting.

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