Monday, April 8, 2013

Where Left Turns Are Good...Right Turns, Not So Good

The wind has become a constant for this bike tour. Mostly from the south which makes for a crosswind most of the time. Going east that means when the road curves left, we are happy. Right curves are less so on the happiness scale.

We left Gay Hill around 8:45. It rained a little overnight, but the wind helped to dry things out. Steve had mentioned that his place was very close to the train tracks. I would say, by the time we left this morning we had heard 7 or 8 trains. I remember hearing at least two during the night. At least we could hear them coming from a ways off.

The ride today was beautiful even with the overcast skies. We saw more wildflowers today than any other day. We were also on some really nice quiet roads.

Because we did more miles yesterday than planned, we arrived in Navasota at noon. The next possible camping place is 20 more miles. We are thinking we will call it a day here. This is the 7th day in a row on the road. Our average has been over 50 miles a day. It is a good day to get some wifi and do some restocking of food.

Currently, we are in a diner called the Filling Station. The lunch was good, but they are completely out of dessert. We will find someplace else for that. Good thing is they have not run out of free wifi!

After we take care of business here in town, we will go back a couple of miles to an RV Park for camping tonight.

Short day today!

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