Sunday, April 21, 2013

Post Coffee Shop

As we were getting ready to leave Vicksburg, we saw the waterfront murals. At first we weren't going to ride down to them, because we thought we would have to come back up, but then I noticed the road below continued and came out to the road we needed to be on without going back up the hill. So, we went down the hill (on brick cobblestone) to the murals. There were murals depicting the history of Vicksburg, but also some modern art murals. The area down there was called Catfish Row. There was a great kids park too.

After looking at the murals, we really did leave Vicksburg. We rode out of town on Old Hwy 61 (also called Washington St.). Got chased by one dog. I just hammered the pedals and out-ran him. When Christian got to the dog, there were cars coming so the dog couldn't chase him (HA HA dog--you lose!).

We had to ride on Hwy 61 (the regular one) for about 6 miles or so. There was no shoulder and the speed limit was 65. Cars were good about changing lanes. There was even no honking!

We went up and over the Yazoo River (I just like that name! There is also a Yazoo City). There was a good shoulder going over the bridge. Just after it, we turned off onto a much quieter road. It was pretty flat with an occasional strong headwind.

We were planning on going to Chotard Landing, but Christian was so far behind me that when I got to Sunset View RV Park, I decided to wait and see if he preferred to stay there instead. It means more miles for tomorrow, but there is nothing to do but ride anyway. We'll probably have about 68 miles tomorrow.

The sign said tents were $15. It also said to find a spot and they would find us for paying. Apparently, we hid from them pretty good because no one came to find us. We set up behind the restroom building--not really all that hidden. Oh well, another free night's camping is fine by me! Besides, the lights are burnt out in the restrooms and the showers were somewhat less than warm.

It was a beautiful sunset over Eagle Lake. The end of another nice day on the road!

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