Friday, April 5, 2013

Sunshine at Last!

FINALLY! We woke to clear blue skies! It was still very cold, but at least the sun gave the illusion of warmth.

Today we needed to beat-feet back to Austin for Dillon's recital. We were on the road the earliest so far at 8:20. I looked forward to going up the hills to get warm!

We took the same route for the most part. When we got to the place where we had been unable to find our way through, we tried again from the other direction. I had an idea what the problem had been and I was right. The name of the road on the map was not the correct name. The map said "Mela Suere". The road was actually "Buena Suerte". Close, but when one is unfamiliar with the roads, and there are areas where there are multiple similar names (like the Whispering Oak neighborhood--there was every adjective you could think of with the name Oak in this neighborhood)...anyway, we figured it out, which saved us some distance.

We made it back to Dillon's at about 2:30. I unloaded my front panniers and turned around and rode to HEB to get reception food for after Dillon's recital. Fruit, veggies, and sweet breads fit nicely in the panniers.

Back at the apartment we did laundry, dried the tents, and generally tried to organize our stuff. Tomorrow everything goes with us.

We went over to Jessen Auditorium with Dillon at 5:00. His recital was very good. He played a Handel Sonata, Brahms Sonata, and a piece by a modern composer called "Aria". It was all very beautiful. There were about 30-35 people. Afterward, no one said, "Congratulations". Apparently, that is a no no. If someone just says congratulations, that means they didn't like it or they didn't think it was good. It's the old adage, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all--or, in this case, just say "Congratulations".

Tomorrow we begin our trek east to the Mississippi, then north to Memphis! Christian is really hoping for less hills!

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