Sunday, April 13, 2014

I'm a Cyclist, Not a Hikerist!

No biking today, just hiking. Son #3 needed to get his food for his PCT hike. $633 later, he had most all the food he will need on his 3 1/2 month thru-hike. He has it all planned out.
After the shopping excursion, we dropped it all off at his apartment and headed to Spencer Butte just south of where Kyle lives.

We took the medium length, and not-so-steep trail to the summit. Here's the boys heading up the easy part of the trail.

The trail was pretty easy until we came out of the trees. Then it was pretty rocky. However, the views were spectacular.
Looking South
Panorama looking West
The Three Sisters and Broken Top (left to right--North Sister, Middle Sister, South Sister, and Broken Top)
Eugene (Autzen Stadium near the center)

At the top, a gentleman asked if we would like him to take a photo of the three of us. Of course!

After soaking in the views at the summit, we began the trek down. Connor hikes like a mountain goat. Both going up and going down, he would easily get ahead of Kyle and I. I suppose that's a good thing since he will be doing a whole lotta hiking starting May 3rd.

At the trailhead, I told Connor I would keep taking photos until he smiled.
Finally--a smile from Connor!

It was a great hike, but I think I'll stick to biking!

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