Thursday, May 8, 2014

Eleven Days to Go!

Eleven days from now I will be on a plane to Germany. ELEVEN DAYS!!! On the one hand I'm thinking, "Holy crap! Am I ready?" On the other hand, "Meh...just need to do a little packing. No worries." 

I've spent today obsessing over finding possible Warmshowers hosts or CouchSurfing hosts for various places in Ireland, England, and The Netherlands. I've also been trying to determine my route in The Netherlands. There are three places/things I want to see. Amsterdam, the Heinenoord Tunnel (a very cool looking bicycle tunnel that goes under the Oude Maas River near Rotterdam), and the Hovenring (a "floating" ring for bicycles/peds above a major intersection near Eindhoven). The trick has been figuring out a route to those three things. I will be taking a ferry from Harwich, England to Hoek van Holland, The Netherlands. Rotterdam is actually not far from Hoek van Holland, but it is in the opposite direction from Amsterdam. So, I'll go to Amsterdam from Hoek van Holland, then come back down to the Heinenoord Tunnel...I think. It's kind of hard to think that far ahead...

As for packing, here's what it looks like so far.
Yep, it's just a pile of stuff. At least Betsy is packed in her suitcase. I made a list (I still can't pack everything without a list), and I've just been throwing things in the pile, then checking them off the list. Once everything is gathered in the pile, I'll start packing the bags. 

I'm going to spend Saturday doing a Century ride in Lewis County. We'll see how many new roads I actually go on (I've been through all the towns listed on the route). I'm hoping for dry weather.

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