Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Forced to Get Brutal

Okay, maybe brutal is too strong. I did have to take out a few pounds when I discovered my carry-on bag allowance is only 13 pounds. I thought I'd better weigh my Rack Pack bag (doubling as my carry-on)--26 pounds. Oops! Also, I think the length is possibly too long. Time to rethink (see, this is why I pack my stuff with plenty of time to spare--so I can redo it again...and again).

First, I decided to take my clothes out of the carry-on (except my Crocs and my bike sandals), and put in what I will be actually carrying in the Rack Pack. That is, my sleeping bag, sleeping pad, sleeping bag liner, pillow, towel, and my REI Flex-lite chair (if I was truly being brutal, I'd leave the chair behind--nope, the chair goes) That brought the weight down to the required 13 pounds.

That's all fine and dandy, except the addition of my clothes to the CSB would make it over 50 pounds. I took out a few clothes--a wool t-shirt, some baggy biking shorts, and my long-sleeve Bug-Off shirt. Of course, those three things don't weigh 16 pounds! Next, I took out the 12 Clif Bars (I'd got them on sale and...nevermind, they're not going). I also took out the shampoo and conditioner, and the sunscreen (I suppose I can buy those when I get there). 

I packed the clothes into the pannier. Before I repacked the CSB, I weighed each pannier (front and rear) and the tent and black bag separately. That should give a more accurate weight. Altogether, it came out to 45 pounds. Whew, under the limit with a 5 pound cushion!

In addition to learning about the carry-on limit, I also found out Condor Airlines only allows one free bag. The additional bag cost me $176 (round trip). I've already paid it. By prepaying, I got a "discount". 

Then, I was looking at online check-in. I could check-in now for my flight, but I would have to pay extra to pre-select my seat. I can't remember the exact amount, but it was ridiculous. But wait, there's more! I could check-in now, pay 5€, and go with the "Joker is Wild" seat selection (meaning, I pay them the equivalent of 5€, and they choose a seat for me)! My final option is to check-in within 12 hours of my flight, then I can choose my seat (from those remaining) for free. I think I'll go with that. 

I see other possibilities for up-selling...
Want to recline your seat? No problem! That will be just set you back 5€!
Your tray table only costs...5€!
And the best deal of all...should there be a loss in cabin pressure, for guessed it, 5€, an oxygen mask will drop down (we, at Condor Air, recommend pre-paying for your optional oxygen mask)!

Anyway, I think I'm good-to-go on the packing...

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