Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 4--Adventures in Route Finding

Now we know the origin of the Campingplatz name, Kalte Quelle. It was quite cold this morning. In fact, the air was colder than the river.
Notice one of the many rabbits.

I put my leg warmers on. We left shortly after 8:00. For the first time, we started on the road, but there wasn't much traffic since it is Sonntag. As part of my German lesson for today (where, as we are riding, I ask Christian the German word(s) for whatever is running through my head), I said to Christian, "Today is Samedi, right?" He looked at me and said, "Nein, Sonntag." Then he says, "Samedi is French I think." You see, I know only enough French (which is to say very little), and not enough German to not know if what I say is French or German! It's very sad, really.

So, we were riding on the road. We went by a side road that went under the railway. I glanced and saw a bike route sign. Christian saw it too. We could go that way, so we turned around. Nice! Now we were on a bikeway, and off the road (my how quickly one gets used to dedicated bike paths!). We came to an intersection. There was a sign that pointed to a steep (and I mean steep--had to walk) road as the route. It looked iffy to me, but what do I know? At the top of the steep hill, the road turned to gravelly dirt.
Then after continuing on, the road turned to grass. Not ones to give up just yet, we continued on. After a short distance the grass "road" turned away from the river (which we were now high above), and continued up. At this point we called it a schleckt (bad) way, and turned around. There must be a better way. Back down we went, back out to the road, and back a short distance to Winterhausen (curious fact--on one side of the river the town is Winterhausen. On the other side of the river, there is a town called Summerhausen. I wonder which one gets colder in the winter?). 

In Winterhausen, we were looking for the bridge across the Main. We turned down a street called Brückestraße (bridge street). Got down to the bottom--no bridge. We went back up, and one block over, there was the bridge. As we came over the bridge and down to the other side, I could see the path below. Okay, back on the route!

At another bridge, Christian asked if I wanted to go across to Ochsenfurt. Sure, why not? It was very quiet in the town. There were two towers from when the village was surrounded by walls. 
This is dark, but you get the idea. There were also the old gates. The one below was "renovated" in...1627!

After Ochsenfurt, we didn't go back across to the route. Instead we stayed on the same side until Markbreit. At that point the route crossed back to our side of the river. In Marksteft, we saw the "Oldest Harbor in Bavaria".
Also might be the smallest. We stopped there for our mid-morning snack.

Next up was Kitzingen-a larger, small village. It was mostly on the other side of the Main. We could get good views though. Here's a photo with Betsy, and Kitzingen in the background.

We stopped to use the public toiletten. This one rated a 9. Would have been a 10, except the sink was too small for filling water bottles (in fairness, there was a "Wasser" station out front, but it wasn't working).

Back on the path, we continued on, through Schwarzach where, afterward, we rode along the Main-Kanal. There were lots and lots of people out for Sunday rides, and what looked like tourers too. It is so cool to see all ages, and all shapes and sizes out riding. It really is proof that anyone can ride a bike! I've noticed about 50% helmet use. More so middle age people. The older folks (75 and above) are less so with helmets. Most kids seem to be wearing them.

Christian recommended Volkach for Mittegessen (lunch). I had Brot und einen Apfel mit peanutbutter and Nutella (bread and an apple). Christian went for a pizza (and gave me a slice-sehr gut!). While he was getting his pizza, I rode back to the Marktplatz, and found a bench to sit on in the shade. I was watching a woman and a couple of kids. They went to leave and the woman said, "Jacken!", and went running back across the square. I said to myself, "She forgot their jackets." I was right! I know, it doesn't seem like that different, and it was only one word, but I knew what she said! 

There was also a couple that came over and, speaking German of course, asked me about my Da Brim. They spoke good English, so I was able to tell them about it. They also asked where, and how long, we are touring. I gave them a blog card. They are going to Montreal in a few weeks.

Also in the Marktplatz was a iron horse sculpture on wheels. On the saddle, there was a village (maybe of Volkach?). Here's a couple of photos. One you can see the horse and the Marktplatz, and the other is a close-up of the village.

I think the village has a dual purpose. It keeps people from climbing on it. The tower would be a little painful!

After lunch we went back to the route. We went by tons of vineyards (again, all on hillsides).

After another couple of hours riding, Christian was ready for a coffee, and I was ready for Eis (ice cream). We finally found an open place (remember, it's Sunday--most things are closed). There was quite the line. I waited out with the bikes and had decided I would just have some of my trail mix. But, nein! Christian came out with his coffee and Eis for me! 
Look! It's an edible cup!

After our break, we didn't have too much further to go to Sennfeld, where we would be camping. Finding the Campingplatz was easier said than done. Christian asked two different people before we finally found it. So here we are.
There is no one here to pay, but the showers are free anyway (and hot too!). This is our first free night of camping. It's interesting because all the other trailers here seem to be permanent. Oh, and it's right on the other side of a berm from the Autobahn. No worse than the trains, I guess.

Total miles: 53--our shortest mile day so far!

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