Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 2--Half Rain, Half No Rain

Last night we had intermittent thunderstorms. It never really rained very hard, and the tents were mostly dry by morning. I'm making progress on my sleeping. Today I slept until 4:45am. That's 15 minutes longer than yesterday! And I also went to bed earlier--like 9:00. What that means is today I am not nearly as tired as yesterday.

We started our ride this morning with a bit of singletrack to take a shortcut out of the Campingplatz. We got back on the Main Radweg. When we got to the next town, Aschaffenburg, we wanted to find a McDonalds for wifi. There was also a Schloß (castle). It was Schloß Johannisburg.
Schloß Johannisburg

We finally found the McDonalds, but in order to get on the wifi, I had to put in my cell number and wait for a text with a code. It didn't work. Christian was able to though. While we were at McDonalds (sitting outside), it started to rain. I put on all my rain gear in hopes that it would stop raining as soon as I was fully dressed. Well, it didn't. 

We returned to the route, it was a little bit tricky navigating, but we managed to make it to Erlenbach. From there we had to get on a busy road to go back across the Main to Wörth. Once we were on the other side of the River, we were back on the bike path. It was still raining. Sometime between Wörth and Miltenberg it stopped. It was still cloudy, but we were able to remove the raingear (As an aside, I think it's time for a new rain jacket. Ye Old Shower's Pass jacket seems to be letting the showers pass through). 

We came into Miltenburg. It was getting close to lunch time. Christian wanted Turkish food. I wanted to eat the bread I had bought in Mainz. We decided where to eat, and Christian went and got his food and met me. We sat by a fountain in the center of the town.
Coming into Miltenburg. The bike path went through the arch.

Christian thinks this was the City Hall.

Our lunch spot.

As we were getting ready to leave, a gal stopped and asked me about my Da Brim. She asked me in German. I responded in English. She switched to English and asked where to get one ( She said it was, "Super!" 

Back along the River, we passed this Schloß on the hillside. Some of the castles have villages below them. This one might have, but I couldn't see it.

The next bigger village was Wertheim. It was the last bigger town before we would be finishing for the day. We needed to add to our dinner. First we walked through the old town part. There were a lot of tourists. Every once in awhile my ears would perk up when I heard someone speaking English. We walked our bikes through because of all the people. Plus, the street surface is cobblestone. Although, we have ridden on lots and lots of cobblestone roads (It's a good idea to check the various bolts on the bikes, as the vibration may loosen them).

After the old town part, we found the grocery store. We just got a few things. We went back through the old town, but turned down another street to head back to the River.

Church clock tower in Wertheim.

After Wertheim, the next signs I was to look for was for Marktheidenfeld (remember, I am the sign finder--Christian is the map reader). We wouldn't go that far, but it was the right direction. We didn't have much further to go before we got to tonight's Campingplatz. It is called Bettingen. The owners are very nice. It's only a little more expensive than last night, but nicer. And, they have wifi. 1€ for 1 hour. So, now I will finish this, go take a shower, then go to upload yesterday and today's posts.
Nice photo of the River Main 

Bettingen Campingplatz

Total mileage for today: 59.6
Total bike tourists seen going the other way: too many to count
Total bike tourists seen going the same way: at least two (the same two that were at the same place as we were last night--but, they're not very friendly or talkative).
German words I said a lot today: "Hallo", "Morgan", "Guten Tag", "Danke"
Actual, maybe correct, sentence I said in German: "Ich esse einen Inseckt!" (I ate a bug!) 

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Alexandra said...

I see you are already picking up on German, well done! It is Morgen actually but pronounced Morgan.
HUGS! Alexandra