Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 5--Ich Folge Dir!

This is what I say to Christian several times a day. You can guess what it is, or Google translate it.

We got an early start this morning. It was warm, but then the rain started. We stopped to put on our raingear, again, in the hopes that the rain would stop. Well, it did eventually, but not for awhile. We had some difficulty (read--wrong turns and gratuitous hill climbing) finding our way in the morning. Finally, we were on the route (for awhile we rode on a pretty busy street). The rain had stopped so we, too, stopped to remove the rain gear. Here's a shot from along the trail.

We went through a number of small villages on our way to Bamberg. In Zeil, we stopped for our mid-morning snack at a Bäckerei and Konditorei (bread and pastries). The pastry I had was only 1€! I thought that was pretty good. And it tasted good too! Here's a photo from just outside the bakery.
As you can tell by the traffic, it was a busy Montag morgan.

We stopped for lunch about 4 or 5 kilometers before Bamburg and a Greek take out place. Christian had a huge plate of food (I stole a couple of his fries). I had my bread with peanutbutter and Nutella. While Christian had some coffee, I adjusted the cleats on my new Keen bike sandals. I have been getting hotspots on the balls of my feet. It helped to just move the cleats 2 or 3 mm. I had also noticed a clicking sound when I was pedaling. The non-drive side crank arm was loose and not all the way pushed to the BB. Tightening the crank bolts stopped the clicking, but I couldn't get the crank arm closer to the BB. It's about 2mm out. It's okay for now, but I think I will take it to a bike shop in Weimar (we have a day off there to visit Beppo and Uta--day after tomorrow).

We rolled into Bamberg in the early afternoon. We wanted to go see the Dom Bamberg (Cathedral). It is one of the older cathedrals. We were able to go inside. Here's a couple of photos, along with one from the outside.

Christian was particularly interested in this guy on ein Pferd.

See our bikes? Notice, also the scaffolding. Many of the buildings we have seen have scaffolding. Okay, I suppose they are a little old and need some renovation to keep them in good shape.

And here's a photo of the "Little Venice" part of Bamburg.

We had a little problem navigating our way out of Bamburg. I just kept telling Christian, "Ich Folge Dir!"
Christian is not your average dude. Where it is well known that guys will not ask directions, Christian asks all the time. And if we don't quickly find what we are looking for, he asks another person. In this way, we seem to always get where we are going!

After stopping for food for dinner (at a "Norma"--small supermarket where the organization of goods is curious at best--hygiene wipes next to cat food, next to jam), we continued on to Lichtenfels. It was still a number of miles, but we finally rolled in to the Campingplatz at 5:30. We are on the Main again tonight, but it is our last night on this river. Below are some Canadians who brought their family on vacation to Germany.

Total miles for today: 66.4
Amount of € it cost to use the stove in the Küchen: .20 (enough to cook cous cous)
Amount it cost to use the wifi that wouldn't work: 2€

Here's a parting shot: This is the beginning (or is it the end?)of the Donau (Danube). There is a Danube bike route that goes for 3000km.

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