Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Day 6--Part 2--The Coolest Place!

Previously...we made it to Thimmendorf, and Beppo. 

We pulled up to the gate, and Christian went around to tell Beppo we were here. He came and opened the gate. 

We rolled the bikes into the courtyard. This place is where Beppo grew up. It has been in his family for many many years. It's still a small working farm (2 cows, a horse, and some chickens). First we unloaded the bikes and brought the bags inside. After some cookies (and coffee for the guys, including Johannis, Beppo's son), Beppo took us on a tour of the barn (also to set up our tents for drying in the upstairs part of the barn).
Straight ahead is the barn. Attached to the right is the old house. You can just see the edge of the "new" house (actually renovated by Beppo--it used to also be part of the barn) on the left. Where we set up our tents is very cool. I'll take some photos tomorrow of inside the barn.

After showers and dinner, Beppo took me on a tour of the village. It's very small (200 people or so). Years ago, he was the Burgermeister (mayor) of the village. He showed me some of the things he did. One was to build this bus shelter.

Then we went to the cemetery and the church. All the graves are very well taken care of with plants and flowers. Everyone from the village who dies is allowed to be buried there for free...for 25 years (then the headstone and remains must be removed). Beppo's parents are buried there. The families who tend the graves try to outdo each other getting the first flowers in after the last frost.
Notice the flowers. 

It was a nice tour of the village with a good history lesson from Beppo. This has been the coolest night so far. Getting to stay in a very special German house is not something every bike tourist gets to do!

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