Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Will There Be Enough Room?

One day until departure (to Manning Park anyway)! Connor will finish tomorrow night in Manning. Derik and I, with our driver, Brent, are leaving tomorrow morning at 8:30 sharp from the bike shop (Derik will pick me up a little before 8:00).

I've moved everything (except the bikes) to the living room. 
It's a lot of stuff! However, not all of it will actually go on the ride. Because I don't know exactly what Connor wants, there are some extra things. For example, I can't remember, way back to April, what Connor decided about whether or not he wanted to carry a backpack. So, I am taking three options. My Platypus Origin 9 (the heaviest), my REI Flash (lighter), and a simple string backpack (the lightest). Since he has carried a backpack for the last 4 months, he might feel naked without one! Also, he doesn't have any long pants (he has long underwear), so I am taking him some options. He may decide he doesn't need them. Whatever he doesn't want can just stay in the truck. His buddy dropped off a bunch of extra food this morning (he resupplied him at Steven's Pass). If Connor wants that food, he'll definitely need one of the backpack options; at least to start with (which makes the string backpack an attractive option).

Otherwise, the rest of the stuff is going. The white piece of paper on the pannier is a reminder to myself to not forget the cheese that is in the refrigerator. The only other thing left to add is a charge cord for my phone/iPad (oh, and the phone and iPad). I'm sure glad Derik has a truck!


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