Friday, September 2, 2016

Houston, We Have The Boy!

Derik arrived right on schedule. We loaded up the gear and bikes, and headed over to the shop. Brent was waiting there. We loaded Derik's bike and Brent's stuff. We were ready for take off right at 8:30. It was raining. Ahhh, but no riding today!

We made our way to the border crossing at Sumas. There were no issues crossing the border. We stopped at a rest area at the Hope Slide. It was pretty impressive.

Before long, we were entering Manning Provincial Park. Connor had told me he would be finishing late in the day, so we went straight to Coldspring campground and set up our tents.

After getting our stuff set up, we went over to scope out where Connor would actually pop out. It was still quite early, so we decided a "4:00" was in order. We went back to the resort (a lodge with a restaurant, cafe, and grocery) and picked up something to eat. The boys picked up a 6 pack too, and we went back to the trailhead to eat, and wait for Connor. 

We finished eating, and decided to walk toward Connor for a bit. 

We got to a trail junction, and decided that was far enough (afterall, we are bikers, not hikers).

There was also this sign.

With no sign of Connor, we walked back to the trailhead. We saw a couple finish (from Croatia). They were thru-hikers. We applauded their finish, and took a photo with their camera. They said they had seen On Point (Connor's trail name). So, we knew for sure he was coming. They said (in a Croatian accent), "Oh, he is maybe 20 minutes back, or maybe 1 hour." Okay, that's a rather wide range of time! We just stayed put. Maybe 30 minutes later I see someone coming. Sure enough, it was Connor! WOO HOO!!! He made it!!!

We went back to the restaurant, and had a nice dinner. Questions were flying at Connor right and left. It was good to have him now! Back to the campsite, we all watched Connor set up his tent. With not much else to do, we retreated to our tents at about 8:30. The campground is somewhat close to the highway, so the sound of the big trucks made it seem like they were going to run through the tent! I managed to drop off to sleep somehow...

Now we are on our way to Banff. We are probably going to stay in Banff tonight as Connor needs to do laundry, and could really use a day off (hasn't had a day off in 55 days). Then...we'll be off and away!

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