Monday, September 5, 2016

Day 4--Part One of Today's Post

Woke up this morning to ice crystals on the inside of my rainfly! It was a little chilly last night. I was mostly warm, but I'm still going to get a Z-Rest pad at the earliest opportunity. At least there was no rain, and there were blue skies. The sun feels good!

We got going about 30 minutes earlier. Because we were free camping, there were no bear lockers that we had to put our stuff in. Instead we used our Ursacks. We just tied them to a tree.

It was just 6 miles to Elkford, so we stopped at Kapp Pizza for 2nd breakfast. Connor ate an incredible amount of food. He ate all of his (the Hungry Man plate), plus my two eggs, almost half of my pancakes, and the rest of my hash browns.

Last evening a guy named Chuck told us more about the Fording Rd alternate. We were going to go to the washout and go around it, but Chuck said we would have to walk in the river. It is far too cold to do that, so we will take the alternate.

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