Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 10--10 Observations After 10 Days

Another cold morning, but not as cold as we've had.
Upper Whitefish Lake in the morning.

I was ready to go before the guys, so I headed out as there were a few hills, and they always slow me down. Also, I stop and take pictures, like this one.
Well hello there grouse!

The ride on the gravel to the pavement was pretty fun. It was mostly downhill, and I got up to 33mph! As we were coming into Whitefish, it started to rain. We finally stopped and put on our rain jackets. There was this convenient overhead walkway the we stopped underneath.

In Whitefish we went to Montana Coffee Traders. It was still raining outside, but we were warm and dry (okay, and a little stinky, but no one seemed to move away from us). There was a shop next door that carries Smartwool clothing. I got a warmer shirt, and some knee high Smartwool socks. Connor got some socks too. He needs some warmer gloves, but he wants to see what the bike shop has to offer. Because it's Sunday, most of the other things we need from the bike shop, sporting goods, etc., will have to wait until tomorrow as they are closed.

Later today, we will head to the Hammer Nutrition HQ. The guy is going to come unlock the building so we can take showers. 

Now we have moved to Craggy Range Bar and Grill so Connor can watch the Seahawks game.
And, of course, we are having some lunch. Here's mine.
Grilled turkey with tomato, bacon and avocado, with sweet potato fries. YUM!

Now, onto 10 Observations After 10 Days

10) One doesn't really care how dirty something is, as long as it's dry.
9) A tailwind makes you realize w much you stink.
8) It rains a lot in Canada.
7) Guys have stickier farts after consuming large quantities of eggs and garlic (guys named Connor, especially).
6) Bear boxes are the greatest!
5) Heard frequently from Derik, " We have it, we might as well."
4) Sleeping pads don't always provide enough insulation from the cold ground.
3) A wool jacket strategically placed under the sleeping bag at hip and shoulder level does wonders in the warmth department.
2) Having a bike mechanic with you is better than awesome!
And, the number one observation after 10 days is...Everyone you meet, who knows what you are doing, says, "You're getting a bit of a late start, aren't you?"

And now for a little bad news...Apparently, there is a cold front moving in from Canada. It could mean snow around the 5000ft level. That could be bad for us. We're hoping, because the next few days are not very high elevation, that we can avoid it. We'll figure it out.

And now, back to the game...Seahawks that is...

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