Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 12--An Easy Day That Ended With a Big Challenge

We really enjoyed our night sleeping indoors, especially since it was 27 degrees at 7:00 this morning.
A little frosty!

Once we had everything ready to go (complete with coffee and hot chocolate delivered by Gail), we did a photo shoot with some of the Hammer guys.
L to R--Derik, Connor, guy I don't know his name, Loren, Bryce, Bill, and me.

By the time we left, it was nice and sunny, and warming up a bit. I still rode in my warm jacket until Columbia Falls. Because we were coming from Hammer, we just rode back to Hwy 40, then rode straight to Columbia Falls, and picked up the route there. Today's ride was almost entirely pavement. We had just a few short gravel sections.
There were lots of turns, so we all stuck together.
It was mostly farmland, but we did see these llamas (or are they alpacas?)

There were only a few hills of note, so a pretty easy ride. Before crossing the Swan River, we turned onto a bike path that took us the two miles into Bigfork.
Riding the bike path along the Swan River.

We are staying at Wayfarer State Park. It was cheaper to get a regular site, than to pay $12/person for the H/B site. We got the last site on Flathead Lake. The lake is huge. One of the reasons we came here was because none of us had ever been to Flathead Lake. 

We decided to walk back into town for dinner (we'll get provisions tomorrow on our way out). We checked out all the options, and decided on Kiska's Southern BBQ. They had a challenge whereby, if a person could consume this humongous plate of food in 20 minutes, it was free. Connor decided to go for it. Here's a few photos.
That "burger" has 4 beef patties, 1/3 lb each of pork and chicken, 2 slices of cheese, grilled onion, and of course, a bun. Plus, there's a double order of fries.
Digging in.
Burger is gone! Now for the fries!
He met his match with the fries. He says he wasn't so much full, as it was just hard to eat the fries. Unfortunately, he couldn't finish in time. His photo will go up on the Wall of Shame.
Only two people have been able to finish.

We walked back to the camp site. Now we are just sitting by the lake, enjoying the evening sun.
Really enjoying our chairs! Connor keeps having to go visit the restroom. I wonder why?

Here's a parting shot to remind you where we are.

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