Friday, September 2, 2016

A Night At Tunnel Mountain...Campground

Wow, that was a long drive to Banff. It was beautiful scenery, but very long. Connor and I were sitting in the jump seats. Let's just say, they're not the greatest for long distances. However, we made it, none the worse for wear. In addition to it being a very long drive, we also crossed into the mountain time zone, therefore, losing an hour. We arrived around 5:30 or so (I don't really remember what time it was). Because we did not originally plan to spend the night in Banff, I had not researched where to stay. When we came into town, we went to the info center. There we were able to find out which was the closest campground, if there were showers at said campground, where there was a laundromat, and where there was a grocery store. The closest campground with showers was Tunnel Mountain, about 15 minutes out of town. There was a laundromat on the lower level, in the mal,l kitty corner from the info center. On the back side of the mall there was an IGA. We took Connor down to the laundromat, threw him and all his clothes in the washer (okay, not really him, but if you'd seen his feet when he took his socks off...), left him there, and went to the grocery store. We just needed to get some produce (bananas, avos, and some mushrooms--which Connor won't eat). Not long after we got back to Connor, his clothes were ready for the dryer. Once they were done, we took them back to the truck, and went to Boston Pizza for dinner. 

Back in the truck, we headed to the campground. Last night at Manning, no one ever came collecting a camp fee (the sign said they would come around and collect). Woo Hoo, free night of camping! A National Park is a bit different. Here we had to register with the ranger as we drove up. It was $27 Canadian, not bad for 4 of us. And, the showers are free!

Connor still needs to organize his stuff more, but we don't have a long day tomorrow (for the very reason that no one ever gets going right away on the first day). It's been awesome having Brent with us these first two days. I think it would have been super fun to have him riding with us too. Of course, then we would have had to have another person to drive the truck home, and we wouldn't have all fit. I guess we can't have everything. 

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