Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 8--Into the Wild BLUE Yonder...and a Bear Sighting!

Hard to believe, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky when we got up this morning! That's right, for the first time in our now 8 days on the road, we had sunshine, and no threat of rain! Woo Hoo! It was rather chilly though, as evidenced by the frost on my pannier.
But, as soon as the sun hit the campsite, things melted. The tents were wet, so we left them to dry while we went to the local hangout, Jax, for breakfast. 
Good food! They even gave us peanutbutter and chocolate muffins!

After breakfast we walked back to the park and packed up our stuff. Because it was sunny, I was able to finally pull out my solar charger. I could also dry out my perpetually wet socks. 

Before we left town, we needed to restock groceries. There was an awesome organic market just back up the road. We spent way too much, and probably got too much food, but it was such a great place. It was hard to not get the good stuff! 
The organic market.

Our first 20 miles out of town was on pavement. There was lots of hills though. Eureka is the lowest elevation on the whole Divide route. We crossed a bridge, and down below in the creek we could see tons of salmon.
All the red spots are salmon.

We were going to stop for lunch at this tap room/brew pub, but it turned out it was not open (even though the sign said it was). So we went up the road aways, and sat by the side of Grave Creek. Story is, the creek got its name when a man, after being cautioned to not cross due to the spring runoff, attempted to anyway. His horse lost his footing, and the guy ended up drowning. They buried him near the creek, hence the name, Grave Creek.

A few more miles after lunch, and we hit the dirt. It was climbing, but was pretty easy (compared to what we've been doing). It was nice and warm, and very pleasant. It's amazing what sun does for moral! 
A nice climb in the sunshine!

We turned off the main road to get up to Whitefish Divide. Here the road got steeper and more rocky. Still, it was not that hard. Besides, I was listening to music. Before too long, we made it to the top.
Whitefish Divide

The map said we were in for a "glorious descent" watch for grizzlies. Although there was some "glorious descent", there was also some more uphill. As I came around a corner, the guys were stopped. Connor said they saw a bear. Connor thought it was a black bear. He was running the Go Pro, and thinks he got it on film! 

We continued down. The guys got ahead as usual. The road opened up and I was able to get this photo from across the way.
See Connor in the orange?

The views weren't too bad either.

We think the peak in the distance is part of Glacier.

We made it to Tuchuck Campground around 5:30. We decided this is the nicest campsite yet. Of course it helps that it's not raining! But, there's a bear locker, so no Ursacks tonight! There is also a potty shack with toilet paper! Ah the luxuries!!!

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