Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day 6--Sure Would Be Nice to Have a Day Without Rain

It wasn't raining when we woke up, but when it was time to go it had started to sprinkle. I was ready before Derik and Connor, so I headed down the road. It would save one time of them having to wait for me. I rode pretty solidly for 10 miles, but I did stop to take this photo.
I would periodically look down to see if there were any bears. No bears.

I got to the turn for Border Rd and waited for the guys. I probably left 15 minutes before them. I only waited for less than 5. Once we turned onto Border Rd, we passed Butts Cabin and Ranger Station. Some hunters were set up at the first come first serve cabin. Those guys could have been the butt of many jokes, I'm sure!

A couple of miles more, and we turned onto Cabin Rd. This would take us up to Cabin Pass, said to be steep, but not so steep near the top. It was about 7 miles. I had to push up one really steep section, but it wasn't too bad. I didn't need the boy's help. Connor was hungry, so we stopped for lunch just a couple miles into the climb.
I used the back side of the map to sit on.

For awhile, it was actually sunny! In fact, as we continued to climb, I stopped and pulled my wet shorts out from washing them this morning, and hung them on my cables on the front (can't do the back because they would just get muddy). But, of course, just a short distance further, the rain returned. I put the shorts away. It briefly got sunny again, but before I could stop, the rain was back. This time it was heavier, so I put my rain pants on too. I finally caught up with the guys near the top of the pass.
The view from almost Cabin Pass.

When we started the descent, it really started raining hard, and the wind was blowing. I was glad I still had my rain pants on. My shoes and socks were already soaked from a too deep puddle that I had ridden through. Then the sun came out. It looked like it would stay sunny for a bit, so I pulled my shorts back out.
Blue sky!

Up ahead of me, Connor was stopped. I stopped when I got to him. He said his front derailleur was rubbing badly on the tire. The derailleur had rotated again. I straightened it out, and we continued on.

We got to Ram-Wigwam campground a little after 4:00, having ridden 40 miles today. This is another free campground. As we were setting up our tents, Derik said he really hopes it doesn't rain tomorrow. This daily rain is becoming a downer. On the bright side, we have managed to set up, and take down our tents in very little rain! 

While we were eating our dinner, we were visited by a doe and her fawn.
They came quite close.

Tomorrow we have a big ass pass to climb, then we will cross the border at Roosville. That's the plan anyway. Now, I must go cook dinner, the guys are hungry!

Here's a parting shot. Bear scat? Or wolf? We saw wolf prints.

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