Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Ride With Christian, and Minnehaha Falls

When Christian stopped by on Thursday to get his bike bag, we made a plan to meet at Minnehaha Falls on Saturday. I would ride from the house, and Christian would ride from the campground (it ended up being a hotel as he couldn't stay at the campground over Memorial Day weekend). Kyle, Mallory, and Grayson would drive and meet us at the park.  At the park, Grayson played on the toys.
Teeter tottering with Daddy
Climbing the monkey bars
Sitting on the sea lion
In the "tunnel" with Christian
After the toys, we walked down the stairs to the Falls. Mallory, being just one week from her due date, wasn't going to walk down the stairs, but decided maybe the exercise would kick start some labor (it didn't). 
Grayson wanted to hold Christian's hand
Hoping the Falls will encourage Mallory's water to break
Minnehaha Falls
Christian and I
Grayson and Kyle
We had lunch at Sea Salt restaurant, then the kids headed home. Christian and I rode the Minnehaha Trail to Nokomis Lake. This was the way I had come back from REI. This time I did it the correct way. The path around the lake is separate from the Minnehaha Trail. Somehow, when I did it before, I missed the connector from the lake path to the trail.  Christian and I leisurely rode around the lake catching up on what had happened since we last toured in Europe together. We were just riding along, chatting, when we came to a restaurant on the lake. First I thought it was another restaurant, but then I realized it was the same one we had passed near the beginning. We almost did another lap around the lake (which wouldn't have been a bad thing, but still...). We said our "goodbyes until next time" and I turned around to head back. I rejoined the Minnehaha Trail, stopping to take this photo of Minnehaha Creek.
Minnehaha Creek and Trail
Coming back along the West River Parkway, I decided to go across the Washington Ave bridge again. That meant climbing a steepish hill to get to it. As I crested the hill, I was rewarded with two $1 bills lying on the path. Sweet! Across the bridge, I took this photo of the Weisman Art Museum on campus.
Very arty building!
Today was a good ride, and I didn't have to use Google to find my way! 

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